Circus Specialty Act, China Plate Spinner
Plate Spinner with Real China Plates, Circus Act
Circus Specialty Act, China Plate Spinner

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PeteZa; PLate Spinning, circus specialty act,china plate spinner

Plate Spinning by a Real China Plate Spinner.


A good old fashioned specialist circus specialty act...There aren’t many spinners around!

He is also a multi-talented entertainer and runs a top rated Events Business too.Bigtopmania

PeteZa is available for circus specialty act engagements in the UK and beyond.

He has over 25 year’s experience bringing fun and laughter to all kinds of events,

Need a real china plate-spinning act?
   For Shows?

Need a china plate-spinning analogy?   For Business?

Need a plate-spinning workshop?        For Fun?

Need anything else?                          For Show-Business Fun!


China Plate Spinning Specialty Act

As a typical variety show act, a timeless specialty act.

plate spinning circus specialty act,plate spinner artist

In a spin! Circus Specialty Variety Act

Often performed as a Circus Clown  

China plates spun on tall sticks in rows.
Dramatic suspense.   Can he do them all?  Quick, it’s wobbling

 China Plate Juggling & Plate Manipulation

 Juggling, Body moves, Throws and SlidesDon’t drop them.


china plate spinning circus specialty act plate spinner
Phew! That was close


Plastic Spinning Plates

Mini act for children’s shows.  Turning the kids into stars!

 How many can they hold?  Do any tricks?

 Or challenge the adults.  Can they make them spin?

how to spin a plastic plate


Plate-Spinning Workshops 


From the very, very young to the very, very old,

Plastic spinning-plates are excellent; 

either as a stand alone activity or as part of general circus-skills workshops  where you are able to have-a-go at various tricks.


(We supply lots of other equipment!)

The sense of achievement at finally being able to make the spin…without cheating! 

And then the ability to pass on the skills. 


Try lots of tricks…You can become an expert quickly!

As part of a “Make a Show” session  they become an achievable routine for participants to demonstrate.


Ice Breakers!

Plastic or china plate spinning is an excellent ice-breaking

activity for many types of gatherings and events.

PeteZa has helped countless numbers of adults and children learn the art of plastic plate spinning.

He has let adults try china plate spinning.
They smashed far too many plates!

Plate-Spinning in Business Analagy

Lending itself to the “How many plates can you keep spinning” analagy

for business meetings, team building exercises and marketing concepts.

The act is presented as a surprise in conjunction with the speaker.

Normally containing audience participation or followed by a workshop session.

Grabs attention and reinforces the message.


Routines combining Spinning-Plates


Plate-spinning combines with other skills / themes for added variety.

The Table Cloth Pulling Challenge

Table cloth Pulling trick 


Comedy for children, proper for adults! Can you pull it off? 


Eating the Apple juggling routine. 

or A plate, a peanut, an apple

Catch an egg on the plate 

Spin the Pizza’s 

Cutlery Juggling

Tray Spinning

Chair Balancing

Bottle Tossing

Bar Flair!

African Bowl Spinning by African Acrobats


The Spinning-Plates Act  by PeteZa;

characters & Scenarios

comedy chef, comedy waiter, comedy butler


Some Themes and Costumes, ( email for photos)


Circus ArtistSpinning with finesse! Stylish and skilful.

Wonky Waiter; Working the tables.  He can’t really work here!

 Clumsy Chef;  Knows his OnionsBurns his Baguettes!

 Dodgy ButlerMr Igor Adams, might let you in, might not

 Circus Clowns;  Ruining the Washing up, you just might get wet!

 Greek Style; Drop them - Spin them Smash them

 Pantomime Cow; Bull in a China Shop! Disastrous comedy spinning

 Crockery Side Show; Spin the plates, Throw ballsSmashing fun  

 Generation Game;  Show you how, then your turn



Past Plate Spinning Circus Specialty Act Performances


Amongst many others PeteZa has been employed to specifically spin china plates for companies like Microsoft, Barclays, Wedgwood, Butlins


He has spun plates on the pop group Bizarre Inc “Surprise” pop video. and for Arriva Busses training video.


MPH04 (pic below). Hosted by Jeremy Clarkson and team, a Car theatre / stunt show at Earls Court.  


He spun the plates; The biker smashed them up And the cars did the donuts!

china plate spinner 



And he has spun them countless times during other circus and clown shows

So if you want a china plate spinner with a plate spinning circus specialty act with real china plates..Book Now!!



Circus Specialty Act, China Plate Spinner
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